Xpan Technical

The Hasselblad Xpan is a dual format 35mm coupled rangefinder panoramic camera. The data listed below is for the Xpan mark 1.

Camera type

Coupled rangefinder with interchangeable, compact lenses.


Titanium and aluminium body with partial rubber covering.


Hasselblad 5.6/30 mm Aspherical: bayonet fitting, f/5.6-f/22, 8 groups, 10 elements (2 aspherical surfaces), focusing range 0.7 m – infinity, filter 58 mm. Angle when set in panorama format 17 mm lens for 24×36 mm format. The 30 mm lens is delivered as a kit consisting of lens, add-on viewfinder, lens shade and dedicated center filter.

Hasselblad 4/45 mm: bayonet fitting, f/4-f/22, 6 groups, 8 elements, focusing range 0.7 m – infinity, filter 49 mm. Angle when set in panorama format 25 mm lens for 24×36 mm format.

Hasselblad 4/90 mm: bayonet fitting, f/4-f/22, 7 groups, 9 elements, focusing range 1.0 m – infinity, filter 49 mm. Angle when set in panorama format 50 mm lens for 24×36 mm format.


Hasselblad special types: Dedicated 49 mm center filter for the 45 mm lens (for critical applications on transparency film), 49 mm UV-SKY filter, dedicated 58 mm center filter for the 30 mm lens.


Bright-frame type viewfinder (ambient light), automatic parallax compensation, automatic standard/panorama switch-over via selector dial, automatic magnification switch-over according to lens fitted (0.45x with 30 mm and 45 mm lenses, 0.66x with 90 mm lens) integral LED exposure metering indications. >85 % field of view. Diopter correction lenses (-4D – +2D) are available.


Lens helicoid interlocked to coupled rangefinder.

Film transport

Pre-wind type, automatic positioning according to format, automatic wind-on and rewind. Single frame and continuous triggering.

Film type

35 mm.

Frames per film 36, 24 and 12 in standard format and 20,13, and 6 in panorama format from 36, 24 and 12 exposure cassettes respectively.

Exposure counter

LCD showing remaining number of frames for selected format. Panorama format indicator.


Focal plane shutter, 8-1/1000 s, flash sync from B (max. 270 s) – 1/125 s. Activated by button, cable release or self-timer with 10 s delay. EV1 step control on manual, EV1/12 step control on automatic.

Exposure control

TTL measured at shutter plane, center weighted averaging system, aperture priority automatic/manual switchover, AE-lock, EV4 (f/4) –19 (f/22) (ISO100) working range.

Exposure compensation

+/- EV2 at EV1/2 step intervals.

Auto bracketing

EV1/2 or EV1 step intervals. Order: standard, under, over.

Film speed

Auto DX setting and manual setting ISO25 – 3200 (EV1/3 step accuracy).

LCD information

LCD showing ISO, shutter speed, auto bracketing, self-timer, battery status and total exposure history.


2xCR2 (6 V total)

External dimensions

Camera body: length 51 mm (2.04”), width 166 mm (6.64”), height 82 mm (3.28”). 30 mm lens: length 53 mm, 66 mm. 45 mm lens: length 47 mm, 60 mm. 90 mm lens: length 73 mm, 60 mm.


Body: 720 g (25.2 oz) (without batteries) 30 mm lens: 310 g (10.9 oz) 45 mm lens: 235 g (8.23 oz) 90 mm lens: 365 g (12.7 oz)


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